September Au Pair Meeting – Scavenger Hunt in Seattle – photos added

We will be joining other au pair groups for Scavenger Hunt in downtown Seattle this coming Sunday 9/16. PLEASE NOTE, THAT OUR MEETING FOR OUR GROUP WILL BE AFTER THE HUNT AT 12:30PM. Whether you go to the hunt or not, you must be at International Fountain (Seattle Center by Space Needle) at 12:30pm. You can’t miss us once you arrive – there will be a lot of au pairs. 🙂 All of you please find me there and then for sign in (don’t sign in with other LCC in the morning). I want you to all meet so you know who is in the group.

For those attending the scavenger hunt be at Westlake Center (400 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101) by 9:30am (if you do you will earn a raffle ticket for extra prizes). You will have time to have a refreshment and catch up with friends and the hunt will begin at 10am. Wear you Cultural Care blue t-shirt if you have it.


Another successful scavenger hunt is behind us and some great prices were given 🙂 I hope all those Sephora gift cards ($30 and $50 worth) will be well used! Here are few photos. What a beautiful day we can have in Seattle in September!

Thursday, 30 August 2012 1:53 PM


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